Sitemap - 2023 - Joe Lonsdale

Ep 75: Leadership Lessons with Intuit Founder & Silicon Valley Legend Scott Cook

Ep 74: A Turning Point in Higher Education with Pano Kanelos & Niall Ferguson

Ep 73: How Candid Health Is Fixing the $280B Healthcare Billing Fiasco, With Lessons from Palantir

My Homelessness Article in the NY Post

Ep 72: Illegal Chinese Bio Labs & Secret Police in the U.S.; Investigating the CCP with Congressman Mike Gallagher

Ep 71: Reinventing Community College with Tade Oyerinde, Chancellor of Campus

The virtues of Cyrus — in his time and ours

Ep 70: "The Geek Way" — Andrew McAfee's New Book on the Radical Mindset that Transformed the World

Learning from Cato’s Letters at 300

Ep 69: How a Builder Mindset Is Solving the World's Ocean Trash Problem; Boyan Slat & The Ocean Cleanup

Our Duties as Defense Technologists

Ep 68: How to Generate Alpha in Volatile Markets with Jacob Miller of Opto Investments

Ep 67: Brad Gerstner on the AI Supercycle & Restoring Faith in Capitalism with Invest America

My interview with Elad Levy, uncle of a missing IDF soldier.

A Missing Israeli Soldier & the Truth About Hamas

Jefferson and America's Lost Idea: Natural Aristocracy

Ep 66: Bob McGrew — the Superstar Palantir Alum Leading OpenAI's Transformative Research Projects

Ep 65: Marc Andreessen and the Case for AI Optimism

Ep 64: The Palantir Interview with Dr. Alex Karp

Ep 63: Eddie Margain on Fleeing Mexico, Preserving Rule of Law & Building Austin FC

Ep 62: Ben Rubenstein on How to Hire Great Salespeople & Why Resumes Are Largely Useless

Ep 61: High School Dropout to Billion-Dollar Startup; How Guillermo Rauch Built Vercel

Ep 60: Dr. Rebekah Gee Is Reinventing In-Home Care With Nest Health

Cicero Institute End-of-Session Update

Ep 59: Adi Berlia on India's Remarkable Rise Out of Socialism & How to Strengthen U.S.-India Ties

Ep 58: Eliot Hodges on Democratizing Access to Private Markets & Expanding the Innovation Economy

Ep 57: Balaji Srinivasan on the Origins & Severity of the Bank Crisis, the Future of Bitcoin, and "Make America States Again"

Ep 56: A Philosopher in Construction? How Maria Davidson Is Reinventing the $250B Construction Materials Industry

Ep 55: Nathan Mintz on Directed Energy, a Driverless Future, and How He Attracts the Top Engineering Talent

Ep 54: Peter Attia on the Science of Longevity, Willpower vs Environment, and Why Americans Are Increasingly Unhealthy

Ep 53: Airbnb Co-Founder Joe Gebbia Transformed the Hospitality Industry; Learn What He's Building Next with Samara

The Dissident's Guide to Philanthropy

Ep 52: An Orthodox Jew Building in Saudi Arabia! The Middle East's Modern Renaissance with Yitz Applbaum

Ep 51: Adm. Bill McRaven on Lessons from the bin Laden Raid, Why "Make Your Bed" Went Viral, and Addressing Russia & China

Fishponds and Fighters

Helping Banks Into The 21st Century With Dynamic Digital Infrastructure

Ep 50: Legendary Music Manager Troy Carter on Making Lady Gaga a Superstar & Why He's Speaking Out for School Choice

Ep 49: Eboo Patel's Inspiring Journey from Social Activist to Social Entrepreneur

Ep 48: Rahul Gandhi on Disrupting the $38 Billion Storage Industry

The FTC versus America

Ep 47: John Chambers & Pankaj Patel Changed the World with Cisco. Now They're Doing It Again with Nile.

Announcing 8VC Fund V

Ep 46: Mike Pompeo on Negotiating with Tyrants, Spy Balloons (or UFOs?) & Why Trump Didn't Ban TikTok

To Save America, Restore Our Frontier

Ep 45: John Mack — Wall Street Legend & Former Morgan Stanley CEO

Ep 44: Dr. Clay Johnston Transformed Dell Medical School. Now He's Redesigning Primary Care.

Three Cheers for (UF) President Sasse

Ep 43: Ryan Holiday on Stoicism, Virtue & Ancient Wisdom for Modern Life

Ep 42: Kimmy Scotti on How to Spot — and Build — the Next Big Thing

Gavin Newsom Chickens Out On Homeless Accountability

Ep 41: Iyinoluwa "E" Aboyeji — Africa's Great Tech Entrepreneur

My Interview with Mister Exits

Announcing Season 3 of American Optimist

Ep 40: Andrew Yang on Building a New Political Party & Using Incentives to Fix Dysfunction