Sitemap - 2021 - Joe Lonsdale

Forget Free College —This Texas College Is the Future of Higher Ed

How to Fix Dysfunctional Government with Esper CEO Maleka Momand | Season 2 | Episode 19

Directed Energy, Force Fields, and the Future of Defense Tech with Epirus Co-Founder Bo Marr | Season 2 | Ep 18

How to Fix America’s Division with KIND Bar Founder Daniel Lubetzky

America's leadership culture is rotten. That's why we need the University of Austin

America Needs More Innovation, Not Expropriation

Maureen Hillenmeyer: Discovering New Life-Saving Drugs from the Natural World | Season 1| Ep 16

Ep 15: Whole Foods Founder & CEO John Mackey: Conscious Capitalism and Repairing America's Division

Jake Kloberdanz: Cause-Centric Commerce and the Art of Award-Winning Winemaking | Season 1 | Ep 14

Sal Churi, Keri Findley, and Wesley Chan: Innovators Changing Our World Right Now | Season 1 | Ep 13

Former D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty: Courage, Accountability, Better Schools, and Safer Cities | Season 1 | Ep 12

Innovation can pull Texas healthcare back from the brink

Niall Ferguson: Why Civilizations Rise & Fall | Season 1 | Ep 11

Balaji Srinivasan: Bitcoin, China, the "Woke" Mob, and the Future of the Internet | Season 1 | Episode 10

NFL Legend Ronnie Lott: Grit, Leadership, and What America Means to Him | Season 1 | Episode 9

Rawlsian Philosophy Revisited

Rt. Hon. Stephen Harper: Rejecting Wokeness, Addressing China, and Defending Western Values | Season 1 | Ep 8

Sujay Jaswa: Billion Dollar Wins -- and Losses -- and Solving Silicon Valley's #1 Problem | Season 1 | Ep 7

Arizona Leads the Way on Public Safety

Arthur Brooks on Finding Authentic Happiness and Making Poverty Escapable | Season 1 | Ep 6

Palmer Luckey on Creating Oculus Rift, Anduril, and Game-Changing Defense Tech | Season 1 Ep 5

Bari Weiss on Defending Western Civ and the New School Movement | Season 1 Ep 4

Kimbal Musk on Building Great Companies and Community | Season 1 Ep 3

Ashton Kutcher: China, TikTok, and Influencing American Minds | Season 1 Ep 2

Dr. Rick Klausner on the Biotech Revolution | Season 1 Ep 1

The 1-Hour Board Meeting