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Ep 42: Kimmy Scotti on How to Spot — and Build — the Next Big ThingListen now | Kimmy Scotti is Founding Partner of 8VC and the Co-Founder & Chairman at Fig.1. After launching a popular consumer brand as a teenager…
California spends more and more on homelessness, without results
Ep 41: Iyinoluwa "E" Aboyeji — Africa's Great Tech EntrepreneurListen now | I've known Iyinoluwa "E" Aboyeji since he was an aspiring, 19-year-old entrepreneur. Today, he's the founder of two African unicorns…
Chess, history, Palantir, and more.
Andrew Yang Kicks Off the New "Build" Season
Ep 43: Ryan Holiday on Stoicism, Virtue & Ancient Wisdom for Modern Life Listen now | Ryan Holiday is a college dropout turned best-selling author and publisher of the world's largest podcast and newsletter focused on Stoic…
We need civilizational pride, not shame
The U.S. will lose talent and jobs to Canada and other countries if it keeps making it difficult to live and work here legally.
Celebrating the public listing of my first company: PLTR
Reflections on our sector in a volatile year
Ep 40: Andrew Yang on Building a New Political Party & Using Incentives to Fix DysfunctionListen now (32 min) | Andrew Yang is an entrepreneur, former 2020 Democratic presidential candidate, and author of "Forward: Notes on the Future of Our…