Nov 25, 2023·edited Nov 25, 2023

You are assuming that the incoming students will thrive given a laptop? An iPad? Sorry, but as a former HS teacher, about 30 percent of HS graduates... shouldn't have graduated.

They were just passed. What happens to the teacher who dares to tell their students the truth? They get counseled, then fired. (Yes, speaking from experience.)

This creates a downward spiral in the bottom half of a class. Just look at Baltimore public schools, some of these schools have zero graduates proficient at the 12th grade level. Why? They all graduate regardless of their work.

Just saying, unless students are screened using Accuplacer or SAT scores, your friend will be throwing good money after bad...

Just like we do with our student loans...

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Besides traditional four year college, (BA and MA) I have attended three community colleges since graduating from high school 50 + years ago. It was never my intention to graduate from a community college. I took classes there in specific technical areas I was interested in for career or personal development. A metric for increasing graduation rates may lead one astray unless it clearly distinguishes between continuing education/personal development and associate degree matriculation.

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